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Logitech’s Solar-Powered Keyboard Case For iPad


Never charge your iPad.

How do you like the idea of a solar-powered iPad keyboard case? Sounds pretty neat, right? What’s even better is that it comes from Logitech, a company that already makes some great iPad keyboards, so at least we know that the keyboard itself won’t be marred by mushiness.

The solar power is just a part of the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio’s clever design. The panels are on the front of the folio-style case, so it can charge when the iPad is lying around and not in use. Open it up and sleep/wake magnets do their job, and when you’re not typing, you can put the case into “entertainment mode.”

This mode is just a fancy way of saying the iPad can move forward in the case and cover up part of the keyboard as it lays back ready to play music or movies. And a very neat touch is that there are play/pause and volume keys at the front of the keyboard for use while watching movies.

The case comes in at $130, which isn’t bad if you consider the regular Logitech iPad keyboards are around $100. Available now.