Here’s How Magical A 3D iPhone Would Be In Real Life [Video]



Deep down in my soul, I want to believe that Apple is going to come out with a holographic iPad and iPhone someday just so I can watch three dimensional Lady Gaga dance parties unfold in Lilliputian fashion. CES totally sold me on the idea, and even if we have to wait 15 years for a holographic iPad, I’m cool with that.

LA-based 3D artist Mike Ko decided to take it up a notch though, and envisioned what it would be like if three dimensional objects could blossom into life from the iPhone’s screen. Objects like, say, a miniature city with whimsical little cars zipping around the streets. Check out Mike’s iPhone 3D video masterpiece below and let us know what you think.

Hero Academy would kick so much butt on this thing! Mike says the video took around 3 months to finish as his graduation project for Otis College of Art & Design. He used Maya, After Effects and Pftrack for all the 3D animations and shot it on a Canon T2i. Pretty nice work for someone who’s just finishing up at college. Maybe someone at Pixar will see it and get Mike a gig working for Steve’s animation studio.

[via Dvice]

  • Kaweesha K Wijesinghe

    that would be awesome!!!!

  • tiny_mind

    I feel the need to point out that holography depends on a medium for it to be projected into. Unless it is an absurdly humid day or dusty room it simply isn’t possible. Not with the technologies available to us. And it is doubtful that it’ll happen in the very near future. No one has put forward an idea of how this can happen and yet, tech blogs get all giddy about the idea that there would be something like this available soon. 

    I’m usually not a naysayer about technological dreaming, but unless someone can show us how this is even theoretically possible, I wish we’d stop thinking about it as something outside of very cool effects in a scifi show/game/movie.
  • Flyphoenix

    I don’t like the holographic 3D look but the video is cool.

  • Jonathan Ober

    If they can do something similar to the 3DS I could see this happening. I have a 3DS and the depth for games just makes things more immersive and easier to navigate with the depth of field.

  • Jdsonice

    This is very very cool. It will be great when this becomes a reality. I hope I am still around for that. 

  • Shinko Cheng

    I was at Fry’s Electronics the other day and saw a new android cellphone that has first of all a stereo camera and second a stereo display to visualize the stereo images. when you view the images from the requisite distance, the images appear in 3D. of course our minds is doing the meshing, but 3D graphs can be rendered for the left and right eyes easy. There’s some sort of gradient that hides the images for one eye but not the other and since it’s a phone, our heads are never outside of a viewing volume over the display.

    I think it’s very interesting. Usefulness? not so much though. What has the virtual window into a 3D world given the 3DS exactly?
  • ApplePr0n

    I hope that if Apple does 3D, they rock it like everything else. I hope they don’t pull an Evo 3D on us which is merely a trick on the eyes and a gimmick at best

  • skfalco

    i recall your team speaking about “why buying horrible android phones that can play and record 3D videos and photos or play 3D games when you can buy a 4s” jajaja ironies..