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Bose Produces $600 SoundDock



At what point does a dock become something more than a simple way shuttle tunes or recharge? If you’re Bose, the speaker people, you attach a stereo and a $600 price tag. The SoundDock 10 weighs in at 19 pounds and 10-inches.

“Bose SoundDock 10 sits a few notches above any of its stablemates,” according to Gizmodo. Although wireless, you’ll want to find a permanent spot for the SoundDock. A Bose engineer hinted at its size, describing the unit as “transportable,” as in a Chihuahua is portable; a St. Bernard is transportable.

Despite its heft, the SoundDock’s lineage is the tiny Wave radio. The new unit employs “Twiddlers” to combine tweeters and deeper tones.

The SoundDock is available Sept 21.

[Via Gizmodo and Bose]