New iPad Shipping Delay Drops To Just 3-5 Days In U.S.


Order a new iPad today and get it shipped by this time next week.
Order a new iPad today and get it shipped by this time next week.

Despite steady demand since the device made its debut back in March, Apple has still been able to maintain a speedy international rollout for its latest iPad. The new device is now available in 57 countries around the world, and what’s more, its shipping delay in the U.S. has now dropped to just 3-5 days.

Until today, the shipping delay for new orders was at 1-2 weeks, which is still the timescale for international customers. However, if you’re living in the U.S., you can purchase a new iPad today and have it shipped by this time next week.

That applies to all models of the new iPad — Wi-Fi and 4G, AT&T and Verizon — in both black and white.

The third-generation device got off to a hugely success start, as we all predicted, with 3 million units sold during its first three days of availability. The device helped Apple achieve another record-breaking quarter, with total iPad sales at 11.8 million units. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that figure rise for its next quarter as millions snap up the first iPad to feature a Retina display.

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  • mit4trs

    Sigh…  I ordered a 32GB black Verizon model 2 weeks ago from MacMall, and it is still showing as back ordered.  I am also less than delighted that their “free Fed Ex overnight” does not apply to the part of Delaware where I live.