SloPro Cranks iPhone 4S Camera To 60FPS For True Slow-Motion Video



SloPro is an app that magically makes the iPhone’s video camera shoot at 60 frames per second. And while the developers are being coy and refusing to reveal the mechanics behind it, the product does indeed let you double the camera’s frame rate, and therefore let you shoot some excellent slow-motion footage.

Even if you ask with a “pretty please,” you’ll get nothing from the SloPro people other than this mysterious statement:

There is a bit of a trick to it that nobody else has figured out even though they’ve tried.

But the app is free (with an in-app purchase to upgrade to “Pro”), so you can try it for yourself.

And it works. Shoot something, and when you play it back it will run in half-speed slo-mo. You can edit the clips to flip between different playback speeds, giving you that neat kind of bullet-time effect which looks so good in sports and other action movies.

You can share your movies via Twitter and Facebook, but if you want to save them to the camera roll, export the raw 60fps footage, remove the watermark or e-mail videos, then you’ll have to spring for the $2 upgrade. As this app is a first-rate video-camera even without the 60fps effect, that’s a bargain right there.

One note: On first launch on my iPad 3, the app told me that true 60fps recording is iPhone 4S-only, but can still use the app and see the video slowed down the old-fashioned way. The results are still rather nice.

SloPro is available now in the App Store.