Travel Back To The Dark Ages Of Television With This Retro TV iPad Dock



Now you can party like it's 1959

I can’t be sure, as I was a brainless, sieve-memoried child at the time, but I’m pretty sure that our family’s first portable (B&W) TV had a screen that wasn’t much bigger than the screen of my iPad. Still, the crappy picture and bulbous, almost circular screen didn’t stop my brother and I laying belly-down on the end of our parent’s bed and watching Monkey roll up the screen in a fuzz of snow and bad reception.

Now I can relive those dark days by putting my iPad into the Handmade Natural Stained Wood Retro TV iPad Dock, an Etsy product whose name is as good as a description.

Or I could, if there was an app to downgrade the iPad’s video playback to just 512 monochrome lines, and this stand had a huge, heavy bulge at the back instead of just being a slim, easel-style case.

Still, it’s cute enough, even if the varnish makes it look a little less “Scandinavian minimal” and a little more “high-school woodwork project.” And the price is certainly right — in a world where an iPad skin can cost $40, $60 for a handmade dock like this is a bargain.

The Handmade Natural Stained Wood Retro TV iPad Dock can be had now from the seller’s Etsy store page.

[Via MacGasm]