Hacked IKEA Paper Towel Holder Makes Great MacBook Pro Stand



I love the creativity of Mac users. Marcelo, a reader of Lifehacker, put together a great DIY laptop stand he cobbled together from an IKEA paper towel holder. He’s got tips for how to do it, but you really do need some serious hardware:

This was made from some plexi and an Ikea paper towel holder that I had laying around. I drilled some holes in the stainless steel crosspiece (don’t try this without a drill press and graduated high speed bits).

Gorgeous. Totally matches the aesthetic of the MacBook Pro. More pics at his Flickr stream.

Via Lifehacker.

2 responses to “Hacked IKEA Paper Towel Holder Makes Great MacBook Pro Stand”

  1. Dennis says:

    Very inventive. You’ve made a very classy computer a very classy stand. I’d buy one in a heartbeat!