Pivot Power, A Power Strip Which Makes All Of Its Holes Available



With the Pivot Power, every hole's a goal

Take a look under your desk at that power-strip. My guess is that, even though it is probably overloaded with another power-strip plugged into it, there are at least a couple of spare sockets. It’s not that you don’t need them — it’s that you can use them thanks to all the awkward-shaped adapters jammed into it. If only you could bend and twist your power-strip to get better access to its hard-to-reach holes…

Quirky’s Pivot Power is that power-strip. Its segmented body can be bent so that even the most annoyingly oversized power bricks can be made to fit. The six outlets are joined by an impressive six feet of cable, and the strip has a built-in surge protector, too.

I actually ordered a Pivot Power back in June of 2010, back when Quirky was originally soliciting pledges in order to go ahead and make the product. After about six months, I got bored waiting and canceled the order, but if you want one, you can buy it and have it shipped right away. The strip comes in black or white and costs $30. Yes, that’s more than a regular six-socket strip, but how many of those six sockets would you actually be able to use?

  • Dale Cawthon

    “Every hole’s a goal” — That was my motto with the gals back when I was in my twenties. Oh, those were the days!

  • Bobby Scruggs