Bluetooth OnOff App Pulled From App Store


Bye, Bye, Bluetooth OnOff API

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4 responses to “Bluetooth OnOff App Pulled From App Store”

  1. Kye Alan Russell says:

    Wait, people use Bluetooth?

  2. Nithin says:

    Come again, if I have already bought it, how do I save it for the future in case I need to re-install iOS for whatever reason?

  3. Paul Lloyd Johnson says:

    I just leave Bluetooth on?

  4. gavernmusic says:

    Leaving Bluetooth on is a major drain on your battery. The only time I use Bluetooth would be for external speakers or when I use the personal hotspot feature. But yes it is a 3 step pain to turn it on and off again etc but hey there are worse things to complain about. :)

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