Amazing Video Application Miro Now Downloads Files Much Faster



The amazing video application Miro was just updated with a new Torrent engine in version 1.1, and it is incredibly fast. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using Miro, it’s like VLC plus BitTorrent plus an RSS reader — and also a phenomenal program guide. And now it’s significantly better — the Torrent performance is the best I’ve seen on a Mac. I downloaded an entire episode of Peep Show (from Season 3 — not available in the States for no apparent reason) in under a minute. And then deleted it, of course.

Via Boing Boing

  • running

    I dont know – I dont like miro. It is just very unclear, what exactly is it doing… is it bittorrent client? is it media library? is it youtube downloader?

    and if I look at every part of miro (downloader, library…), I can find much better program. I think miro is too-many-in-one, at least for me

  • Amanda

    I think, you are right. On there are plenty of programmes which allow to download files faster