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iSupport iPhone Filmmaking Rig



The iSupport is yet another way to connect you iPhone to a mountain of movie gear

Warning. I’m about to write about yet another iPhone camera rig adapter. I will continue to do this, over and over, until somebody makes a case which makes it easy for me to shoot photos with the iPad 3. If you want me to stop, then all you need to do is whip something up on Kickstarter.

Today’s adapter is the iSupport, a heavy-duty (yet light at 6 ounces) case which covers the iPhone 4/S and makes it a whole lot easier to use for shooting video.

You get small handles at each end, plus a tripod bush on the bottom for mounting to a tripod (obviously) or a bigger, more impressive camera rig. The gimmick which sets this support apart from the others is the lens mount. The mount has a 37mm thread for adding telephoto or other lens adapters,and a pop-out rubber lens-hood for shading the iPhone’s camera from stray light.

But best of all is the price. The iSupport costs just $50, including shipping. For a pretty high-end piece of film kit, that’s a bargain. And if you want to go nuts, there are various expansions that will end up swaddling your little iPhone in so much tech that it will end up looking like Ripley when she donned a Power Lifter to kick that Alien queen’s ass at the end of Aliens.

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