Brydge, The $200+ Keyboard Case For Your iPad


Oh, man. Today is totally turning into Kickstarter day here on Cult of Mac. The latest accessory from everybody’s favorite crowd-funded idea factory is the Brydge, another keyboard case which will turn your iPad into a miniature MacBook Air-a-like.

This case has a little twist, though. Instead of offering an entire laptop-shaped shell into which you can drop the tablet, it has a clever hinge which holds the iPad and uses it as the entire lid of the clamshell case.

The Brydge is a Bluetooth keyboard with a hinge that clamps onto the iPad and turns the whole thing into a bundle which is roughly the weight of the 11-inch MacBook Air. The keyboard itself looks to be of a decent size (the promo video says that it is full-sized, but clearly it isn’t. Perhaps the keys themselves are full-sized?), and has iPad-specific functions (although like many other keyboards, it seems to think that we need copy and paste keys in the top row instead of screen brightness controls).

But the neatest part is the built-in stereo speakers (optional) which also work via Bluetooth, and should be quite a bit better than the built-in speaker.

So how much will it cost you? The cheapest Kickstarter pledges have sold out, so the minimum buy in is $210 for the be-speakered model. That’s a little bit rich for me, even though I do most of my writing on the iPad these days, but with its aluminum construction and the fact that it is made in the union-encumbered USA, that seems like an inevitable enough price.

[Thanks, John!]

  • lukehobster

    I took a quick glimpse at the first picture and actually thought it was an macbook!

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    This thing looks so cool!!! It’s just unfortunate that it’s so expensive. That’s half the price of the iPad itself! I would have liked it more if it had a backlit keyboard.

  • Rob Klaproth

    Mass produced at $50 bucks, I’d buy one… In the mean time I’ll just go for this one on Amazon for $44.95 with free 2 day prime shipping for prime members. :)

  • mattbellia

    Yoga pants? Ok I’ll buy one!

  • yasminchangreen

    Where can I purchase the Brydge?