Apple Store’s Kids’ Tables Trade iMacs For iPads



Head on by the kiddy table at your local Apple Store and you used to see four iMacs, loaded up with educational software and games. Go on by with your kid today and you’ll see four iPads running educational iOS apps instead.

Hope they wipe those things down frequently: never seen a kid without at least several culture farms worth of germs on his or her pink, sticky hands. Those iPads are going to be disease-crusted petri dishes after a day’s worth of kids finish sliming them up.

Otherwise, great call. The only better learning tool for a child than an iMac is an iPad.

  • Ramón

    Clearly, the author doesn’t ride on Muni, push a supermarket cart, carry a basket in a supermarket, touch handles entering/exiting banks, stores, restaurants, public restrooms, taxis, touch steering wheels on rental car, lobby doors,etc.

  • Jonathan Ober

    My Apple Store has been rocking iPads since the New iPad was announced. What used to be two iMacs at the Kid table is now four iPads rocking some of the best and most enticing apps for kids. I actually found a few apps from that that my kids love. As far as germs go, cry me a river. I think America/Western society is so germaphobe it’s crazy. We are going to raise up a generation afraid to touch anything without a germ spray or hand wipe that it will probably be the common cold that kills us all. BTW, I have two kids and could care less about germs. My kids don’t always have the cleanest of noses but 4 years going strong without an ear ache or a bad fever or cold in both of them. They run around outside barefoot, eat dirt and things that fall on the ground…it’s all good!

  • Lane Jasper

    This must be overseas “Enfants” instead of “Infants” just a notation.