Introducing The iMac Touch [Video]


Apple has a patent for a touchscreen iMac with an arm that swivels the display down to allow you to manipulate the display more like an iPad, without getting “gorilla arm.” It’s a cool patent, but what would that iMac look like in real life? Motion graphics and 3D animation student Joakim Ulseth put together an awesome video bringing an iMac Touch running OS X Mountain Lion to life. There’s a lot of problems with this sort of design, and Apple would never in a million years release it, but it sure does make a sexy video. [via iFans]

  • Tory Chapman

    Introducting! apple really is changing the world with their new intro-ducting technology.

  • Christian Henning

    I would love something like a touch imac…If only come on Apple!!!!!

  • thegraphicmac

    Introducting? Really?

  • oliverterrisse

    apple has got a new product line with the iMac Touch and the MacBook Touch ;-) :

  • carloborja

    He could land a job in Apple and be one of those video editors.

  • Jairo Gomez

    retina display touchscreen iMac with Siri *droolz*

  • likethepear

    The day that monstrosity is released is the day I stop buying Macs.

  • sjods

    Apple never release OS X for touch screens without changing UI – why? Size for comfortable use of buttons (or any item that you can tap) must be at least 16×16 px. Current OS X interface was created for the mouse, not fingers.

  • Halfone

    He could land a job in Apple and be one of those video editors.

    Why all those who publish a video in which put Apple products and then get comment like “he should work at Apple”? In this case, you can see the ugly shape of the iMac back (too sharp, iMac has smooth forms), the lack of power supply wires (and powered on monitor), too much reflection and a bad composition, and as ugly iMac framing and tilt relative to the camera. With such attention this author without a doubt should work on Apple, SURE.

  • DavoteK

    Great video concept, but I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole. Someone lifts a finger towards my iMac screen, I start the threats.

  • David Aparicio Campos

    I have already seen this… it is called Asus Transformer Prime. end of innovation at Apple?