Can’t Afford A Ticket To WWDC 2012? Win One Of 150 Scholarships Instead


Can't afford a ticket to WWDC? Win a scholarship instead.
Can't afford a ticket to WWDC? Win a scholarship instead.

At $1600 bucks each, WWDC tickets don’t come cheap, and that ticket shock can be especially acute if you’re a student, slaving away on the app you hope will make your fortune between classes and barista shifts.

Apple’s sympathetic. That’s why they are again offering 150 student scholarships to full-time or part-time students who want to go to WWDC.

Cupertino’s not going to waive the $1600 ticket price for just any slacker, though. You’ve got to be the créme de la créme, and exhibit exceptional skills in the following criteria:

  • Technical ability
  • Creativity of ideas
  • Prior WWDC attendance
  • Technical and work experience
  • Must be a member of an Apple Developer Program prior to August 1st, 2011.

In addition, even if you get one of the scholarships, not every event at WWDC is going to honor your ticket if you’re under 18. For example, the WWDC Bash, or the annual WWDC Bikini Tapioca Wrestling Fest.

You can apply for the 2012 WWDC Student Scholarship here and see the full list of criteria here.

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