‘Props’ Turns Earbuds Into A Redundant Technical Necklace


Man-jewelry that's as useless as real jewelry
Man-jewelry that's as useless as real jewelry

There appear to be a few ways to stop your earbuds from dropping to the floor when you unplug them from your waxy canals. One is to just run the cable from the iPhone/iPod in your front pants pocket up through your shirt/t-shirt/muscle-vest and out through the neck hole. Pop out the earbuds and there they dangle. This is so easy and well-known that even clueless teenagers can manage it.

The second method, I have just discovered, is to use the Props from Quirky.

[Props] [www.quirky.com] is a silicone and polypropylene necklace which doesn’t join up at the front. Instead, it has two ends into which you can slot the earbud cables, and a plastic ring behind your neck so you can cinch it to the perfect length for your neck (from pencil-thin to bouncer-thick).

When listening, the Props does nothing more than stay out of the way and stop the cord from bouncing around. When you pull the ‘buds from your ears you can let them drop and they dangle down over your chest. Just like they would if they were hanging from your collar, only more expensive.

How much more expensive? We don’t know yet. The Props is (are?) currently in the early stages of Quirky’s crowd-sourced design process, and you can head over to [the site] [www.quirky.com] and tell them how much you’d be willing to pay.

My answer is “nothing.” I just saw a spare skinny shoelace in the bottom of the fruit bowl and I’m planning on tying a knot in each end. Props to me I guess. (#rimshot)

[Via [OhGizmo!][www.ohgizmo.com]]

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[www.quirky.com]: http://www.quirky.com/products/254-Props-earbud-croakies “quirky – Props”

  • bamadude

    You can get reading glasses lanyards for 97 cents at Walmart. I have been doing this for years.

  • Wirehedd

    You can get reading glasses lanyards for 97 cents at Walmart. I have been doing this for years.

    Exactly what I was going to point out. This is a product looking for a market that really doesn’t exist at the price point they are pushing.

    Get your product below a dollar and it may be successful. Otherwise, no chance.