Five Fun Games For the Weekend



Here’s this week’s selection of games to take you into the weekend from Mac Games and More. Games include an intense, in-depth war game, an anime style RPG where you’re in search of a soulmate, and a mind-boggling board game. Click on the images to see a larger screenshot.

ElimiNationElimiNation – I’m not going to lie. ElimiNation isn’t an easy casual game. Only expert war strategy gamers need apply here. ElimiNation is a classic, turn-based war game for the most meticulous and die-hard strategists. That being said, if you’ve never played a game like this before, it doesn’t mean it’s not for you. It means this game is for a very specific type of gamer, so you might be one of them. Pick a faction to play three of five campaign maps controlling Dark Brigade, Green Wings and Tech Empire. Each faction has its own unique units and characteristics. Maps include special events (reinforcements, resources, bonuses) and have their own special victory conditions, some by turn number, others, for example, by conquering a region. Play a Quick Battle (15 maps) to get a feel of the game before moving on to Campaign. Key pointers: Resources as well as strategy play important roles in ElimiNation. Carefully choose who to attack by analyzing their defenses and units. Purchase new units or powerful cards during deployment phase to give you additional strategic advantages. Click here to see video examples, instructions and strategy hints. For a 30% discount on your ElimiNation purchase, use this special discount code: CULTOFMAC. Download it

ChuzzleChuzzle – Sometimes you want to sit back and play a light-hearted game filled with fuzzy, giggly creatures that squeak, sneeze and tease you. Don’t you? You can do that with Chuzzle, a slide and match puzzle game. These googly-eyed koosh balls on nitrous oxide will shed their feathery, fuzzy fur all over the place, transfer themselves into a scientist’s beaker until there are too many of them inside. Then, they’ll release happy Chuzzle squeals when they burst out of their temporary home, as you slide them around in search of same color matches. When matches are made, watch and listen carefully because they pop! Keep locks off of their heads during your time with them and they will remain as silly and as happy as ever. Download it

Mystery Stories: Berlin NightsMystery Stories: Berlin Nights – Dare to place yourself in the midst of an extensive case filled with travel to Berlin, technology dating back to World War II, a curious reporter, a sustainable engineer and unlimited renewable energy in this captivating hidden objects adventure. Search for clues all over Berlin and solve a labyrinthine mystery involving a state-of-the-art apparatus that was stolen from the Nazis before its completion. This machine could possibly resolve the global energy crisis! Beware though, a mysterious sect and cold-blooded ex-agents from former Communist East Germany are attempting to thwart your progress. The story and game play are interwoven magically and seamlessly and gamers will love the clever twists on hidden objects and the many bonus mini games within 94 levels. Download it

Spirited HeartSpirited Heart – Create your own life story and destiny while taking the role of an elf, demon or human in this anime style RPG, or rather, a fantasy life simulation game according to its developers. Each character has her own personality, advantages, disadvantages, and the characters’ destinies will all be very different from each other. Begin your life with various attributes and abilities, or lack thereof, then build upon these basics by working or learning a skill. Each week (in game time), your life will change and be modified based on the decisions you’ve made, conversations you’ve had and the actions you’ve taken. You will encounter other characters, one of whom could possibly end up as your spouse. There are 26 possible endings, which provides hours and hours of playability. Will you fall in love with your soulmate and live happily ever after? Will you have a spirited heart? You’ll need to play the game in order to find out! Download it

Boggle Boggle – Hasbro has brought the popular board game to your Macintosh, but this version includes some twists. Shake the box of letter dice, watch them land and create as many words as possible with the the available letters and before the time runs out. With Boggle for Mac, however, the letters have to connect to each other on the board, giving you an added challenge over the classic board game for the entire family. By the way, when they say this is a game for the whole family, they really mean it; players of various ages will find their own level of difficulty whether they are small kids or young-at-heart grandparents. Play against the computer, up to four players or against players on the internet. Download it