This Could Be The Coolest iPhone Dock Out There [Video]



Apple’s iPhone dock looks good, but has a couple of big problems. It doesn’t accommodate cases and it hangs onto your iPhone and won’t let go. The ODOC stand fixes both these issues, and looks great too.

Here at Cult of Mac, we’ve accumulated a ton of iPod and iPad docks, especially our reviews editor Charlie Sorrel, who has discerning tastes in docks. The same problems always crop up.

It’s not easy to find docks that aren’t grabby and that don’t require you to remove your case to park your iPhone. The ODOC, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, accommodates any case you can throw at it.

The ODOC is a compact cylinder with a lot of heft. Made of machined aluminum, steel and glass, it sits solidly on your desk or sideboard and stays there — even when you lift your iPhone up and out of it.

It has a high-gloss finish and is available in black, white and clear over matte-aluminum. It’s intended for FaceTime videoconferencing and as a home media docking station. It has five viewing positions — it revolves with a very satisfying click — a USB port and a stereo output port.

The early-bird-special is $79; only $50 more than Apple’s weedy dock.

Inventor Richard Singer estimates he’s put 700 hours into the project, about 170 of those were design hours. “I think it’s the best dock out there,” he said with the utmost sincerity.

Check it out yourself. Here’s Richard giving a quick overview of his invention: