Color Splash Studio Users Offered Free 8×10 Canvas Print


Everyone likes free stuff, right?
Everyone likes free stuff, right?

Popular OS X photo editing app Color Splash Studio has been updated with a handful of new features, but the most interesting one is the offer of a free 8×10 inch canvas print.

The offer, which is live right now, is open to Color Splash Studio users in the US and Canada. It entitles you to a free canvas, normally priced at $49.99. You’ll still have to pay $14 shipping, though.

Canvas printing is the headline new feature in this update to Color Splash, which remains a popular choice among all the image editors on the Mac App Store.

For newcomers to Color Splash, here’s what’s on offer: it’s an image editor with emphasis on extracting and highlighting color elements in photos. It keeps things simple, with a nice large preview of your image and a series of pretty clear controls on the right. It looks particularly good in Lion’s full screen mode.

Highlight specific colors easily

Don’t buy this app looking for image filter presets a la Instagram. CameraBag 2 is a better choice for those.

Color Splash Studio is a solid little color editor for photos that does its job well. If you’ve been able to produce a lovely piece of photographic art with it, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the cool free canvas offer.

(Post updated to correct some errors in the original – apologies for that.)

  • Alex Tsepko

    Color Splash Studio is the app for creating photos with selective colors. That is a bit different from what is described in the review. It does have editing tools, but the key feature is selective color photography, when you turn a picture to grayscale or sepia and leave few objects in color. To see examples simply google: photos with selective color or color splash photography. But anyways, the deal is pretty impressive.

  • gilest

    Inventimo: my bad, errors in the original post. Apologies. Now fixed.