See Nikon’s WU-1a Wireless Adapter Beam Images To A Phone [Video]



The most exciting part of Nikon’s [D3200 announcement]( was the WU-1a (Woo-la!) Wi-Fi adapter, a dongle which hangs annoyingly out of the open side hatch of the SLR’s body and allows for wireless communication with a smartphone. An iOS app is promised later this year, but above you can see a demo of the Woo-la in action with an Android handset.

The first takeaway from the clip is that I really, really hope Nikon cleans up the interface for the iPhone version. Those icons look like MSN Messenger from the oughts. The second is that you can not only beam pictures from the camera to the phone, you can actually suck them down. Instead of just mindlessly choking every image down the throat of the Wi-Fi network, the WU-1a lets the remote phone browse it’s camera roll and select images for transfer.

That’s neat in itself, but you can also use the phone to remote trigger the shutter. Given that there are already $40 apps in the app store for this, and that the Wu-1a costs just $60, it seems like something of a bargain.

Hopefully Nikon will make all of its subsequent bodies compatible with this dongle. I somehow doubt it, though. The company has a habit of making a confusion of incompatible add-ons for its various camera models.

[Via [PetaPixel](]