Protect And Speed Up Your Mac With The Mac VirusBarrier Bundle [Deals]


CoM - Computer Virus

If you don’t think that your Mac is susceptible to a virus, then you couldn’t be more wrong. With the popularity of the Mac growing every day, they are becoming more of a target. If you want to protect your computer – and speed it up at the same time, the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is just for you!

With this killer bundle you’ll get 1 year of ultimate protection against all known malware and viruses, like the one that recently made the news: Flashback. With VirusBarrier X6 you’ll be able to protect your Mac from network threats, viruses, trojan horses and all other malware. Washing Machine 2 enables you to clean up web files that compromise your privacy and slow down your Mac in the process.

And this deal is only $36 for a limited time. When you think about it, the only thing you have to lose by not taking advantage of this Cult of Mac Deals bundle is your Mac. Don’t let that happen.

Here’s what you’ll get in The Mac VirusBarrier Bundle:

VirusBarrier X6

VirusBarrier X6 (regularly priced at $50) offers thorough protection from viruses, Trojan horses and all other known Mac malware. It’s also the only antivirus for Mac that provides solid protection against network threats, with a two-way firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.

While cyber-criminals are hard at work developing new malware and new techniques to infect your Mac, VirusBarrier X6 is always a step ahead. NetUpdate automatically keeps your software up-to-date so your Mac stays protected.

An innovative interface
Anti-spyware protection
Stops all known Mac malware
A powerful two-way firewall.

Washing Machine 2

Programs you use to surf the web or access the Internet store information about you and your browsing habits. Using “cookies” and other types of files, they keep records of what you download and what sites you visit. Washing Machine 2 (regularly priced at $10) protects your privacy by deleting that personal information, and saves space on your Mac by emptying cache files.

It lets you clean five types of items: Bookmarks, Caches, Cookies, Download Histories, and Browsing Histories, sweeping away the tracks that your web browsers and other programs leave when you use the Internet.

Clean up files left behind by Internet programs
Edit and delete cookies
Schedule Washing Machine to run when you want
Use Cleanlists to clean up after the programs you use most

The apps in this bundle normally retail for $60 when combined, but during this Cult of Mac Deals offer you can get both of them for just $36! Start protecting your Mac today with The Mac VirusBarrier Bundle – because this offer won’t last long!

Photo credit: talksrealfast (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

  • mr_bee

    Another shameful, dodgy deal from CultofMac sold to us by the “writers” who “review” the products.

    This is one of the worst anti-virus products out there, combined with a tool that does nothing that isn’t built right in to Safari in the first place. Not a good deal at all.

  • TauxiC

    Too bad people will be stupid enough to actually think theyre getting a great deal.

  • AKA

    …no thanks!