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Blackmagic Cinema Camera Shoots 2.5K For Under $3k


Simple, beautiful and cheap. Pick three.... Wait

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is calling itself a “digital film” camera, and with a 2.5K sensor and a 13-stop dynamic range, that description mightn’t be far off the mark. Amazingly, it’s also cheap — in the relative terms of movie cameras, that it. The Blackmagic comes in at “just” $3,000.

The main gimmicks of the Blackmagic — apart from the price and that great-looking sensor — are the touch screen and the SSD recording. The touch screen allows you to quickly control camera settings as well as input metadata, and an SSD which will gulp down the data spat out by that hi-def sensor, so you can just yank it out and slide it into a nearby computer to upload the footage.

The camera also uses standard connectors, which means you can steal cables from other people when you lose your own. Mic and line jacks are just what you’d expect, and you also get a LANC remote connector and a 3Gb/sec SDI out for live video monitoring.

It’s also ridiculously hot looking. I’d use this as a stills camera if there was aversion available (and if I had the money to buy one).

The [Blackmagic Cinema Camera][] will be available in July, along with a matching $200 grip.

[Via [Core 77][]]

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