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Two Ways To Fix An Oversized Other Category In iTunes [iOS Tips]


Fix Other Category

Oh, hey there. Remember that computer app we showed you last week that helps you figure out what’s taking up a lot of space on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Well, it turns out that lots of folks have burgeoning Other categories, as well. The fine (and ruggedly handsome) folks at OS X Daily have found a couple of solutions to fixing this problem, and we figured we’d share them with you, as well, in today’s tip.

One way is to force iTunes to recalibrate the Other Category. First, connect your iOS device to your computer via the white USB cable. Next, launch iTunes, if it doesn’t do so automatically (which might be the issue, apparently). Select your device in the list to the left, then click on the Summary tab. Scroll on down to the Options section and click the checkbox that says, “Open iTunes when this iPhone (or iPad or iPod) is connected.” Do this even if the checkbox is already checked, to turn it off. Then re-check that checkbox. Get it? This little trick supposedly forces iTunes to recalculate the Other category, which is typically stuff like Contacts, databases, and settings and stuff.

If that doesn’t work, a couple of their smarter readers point out another fix. Go ahead and connect the device to a computer via USB again. Launch iTunes if it doesn’t do so automatically, and then hold the Home and the Wake/Sleep button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until it reboots. The screen will show the “Slide to Power Off” slider, then go dark, and then the little apple logo will show up after what seems like a long time. Be patient and keep those buttons held down. While you may need to relaunch iTunes to see any change, this should also have the effect of forcing iTunes to recalculate the Other Category for you.

[Source: OS X Daily]

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