De-Clutter Your Desktop For Better Organization With Desktoday [OS X Tips]



If you’re anything like me, you leave all your files in one big clump on the Desktop for later “sorting.” Then, again if you’re like me, you put all these files into a hastily constructed “Sort Me” folder right before you connect the projector for that big presentation you have to do so no one sees just how many LOL cat pictures you have. Right? No? Ok, skip the LOL cat part. Today’s tip is a “search-not-organize” user’s dream, allowing the best of both worlds.

Desktoday does one thing and one thing only: it moves all those files cluttering up your Desktop into a folder with today’s date on it. In addition, it is configurable to put those files into any destination folder you like. You can also create Exceptions to the clearing, if you have specific files you need to leave on the Desktop for any reason.

Once you download Desktoday from the Mac App Store, launch it from the Launchpad. It will place a menubar icon in the upper right of your screen with a helpful message that it has done so. Thanks!

Click on the little folder that makes up Desktoday’s menubar icon, and choose Clear Desktop. The app will bring up a grey dialoge box, with a progress bar telling you what files it’s processing in real time. The files will be moved from your Desktop to a folder called Desktoday in your Documents folder. You can set this destination in the Preferences, accessible in the same menu you launched the Desktop cleaning from.

In the Preferences window, you can tell Desktoday to start clearing the Desktop automatically on log in, enable a keyboard shortcut to clear your Dekstop, and even show or hide the menubar icon border. When you’re customized, click Done and you’re good to go.

[Via Appstorm]

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