iPad Mini Rumors, Screen Problems, And The Jailbreak Breakdown On This Week’s CultCast



If you’ve ever wanted to know the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, episode 9 of The CultCast just hit iTunes, and you’re not going to want to miss our breakdown of everything jailbreak. Interestingly, Apple seems to have covered up the word “Jailbreak” in the show title on iTunes, but you should see the full word when you actually download the show. (Apple can’t have the big bad j*******k word in its iTunes Store, now can it?)

And speaking of iPads, is your new retina-beauty plagued with the same yellow-tinted screen others on the web are experiencing? We’ll tell you what the problem is and what to do about.

All that, iPad mini rumors, and a whole lot more on this week’s CultCast — subscribe now on iTunes!

  • That_Dan_Person

    I’m going to change my iPad’s email sig to sent from my iPad 3rd gen wifi +4G get f**ked ACCC it’s a 4G device for f**k sake.

  • erfon elijah

    don’t forgot the numerous ™ ® and © symbols

    I’m going to change my iPad’s email sig to sent from my iPad 3rd gen wifi +4G get f**ked ACCC it’s a 4G device for f**k sake.

  • Alberto Hernandez

    Did you guys really need to explain jail breaking? Those who come to this site are hardcore nerds let alone those who listen to the podcast.


    My screen isn’t yellow, but it is warmer than my iPod touch 4G. However I’ve grown to prefer the warmth of the new iPad’s screen color. Oh, and the warmth of the back too.

  • brianistweeting

    I think variety makes sense regarding the iPad. The point made about the iPod was a really good one, it’s important to keep things simple but at the same time manage to appeal to different segments of the consumer population. Apparently a lot of people felt the 7″ form factor warranted purchase over the holiday season, and I’m sure Apple will take heed and eventually provide a product for potential consumers in order to cash in on the massive profits Amazon experienced. If you look at the marketshare the iPod has over other MP3 players I think it’s fair to say that it has retained dominance, but on the other hand- if you look at how much the iOS platform has shrunk at least stateside against android devices (speaking of smartphones), it’s clear that they’ve been losing some dominance simply due to not speaking to segments of the population.

    It would be a shame to watch the iPad go the same route against Android in the future, though I think it’s easily avoidable. As any company should, Apple will continue serving the portions of the population in order to gain profits for their shareholders. Even if it’s a niche product, it’s still money in their pockets. Just take a look at Macs, which only represented 8-9% of their total profits over this past quarter, and go ahead and divide that among the many different Mac models. Diversification isn’t always a bad thing.