Shazam Player Now Available For iPad With LyricPlay, Retina Graphics



Popular music recognition app Shazam released a standalone music player for the iPhone back in January. The app lets you scan your iPhone’s library and play back tracks with Shazam’s lyric service, LyricPlay. You can also queue tracks and create playlists specifically for the Shazam Player.

As of today Shazam has updated its music player app for the iPad. The latest update packs LyricPlay and Retina graphics.

When you play a track that’s recognized by LyricPlay in the Shazam Player app lyrics can be displayed in bold, large text. The app can even send lyrics to an Apple TV over AirPlay as a song plays. YouTube videos and artist info can also be viewed for each track that’s in the LyricPlay database. Like the iPhone version, what you’re listening to can be shared with others on Facebook and Twitter.

While the effects look a little cheesy, Shazam’s LyricPlay feature isn’t bad. It can sometimes have a hard time recognizing tracks, so don’t be surprised if even mainstream music isn’t totally matched up. Shazam Player for iPad is available in the App Store now for free.

  • Mohamed Mesbha

    The app is full of bugs, crashes all the time . Can’t rate something that doesn’t work