Snapseed Update Makes Pictures Prettier With Retina Graphics And Instagram Support



There are few photo editing apps on for the iPad that are as versitle and easy to use as Snapseed while also giving users some great tools to make photos look better. It’s the best photo editting app on the iPad, but earlier today Snapseed released a new update for the app that makes it even better.

The biggest new features in Snapseed 1.4 include a boost up to retina display graphics on the iPad and the ability to open photos directly into Instagram. Several of Snapseed’s popular filters have been updated as well which blow Instagram’s weak filters away. The Black & White filter has been updated with new conversion algorithms and color filters for even higher quality results. The Center Focus filter now has an added feature to control brightness at the center and at the edges of an image so you can manipulate your iPhone and iPad pics so that they look like they were taken with a high quality DSLR lens.

Snapseed 1.4 is available for download right. Currently priced at only $4.99, if you haven’t tried Snapseed yet you should head over to iTunes and dive in.