Alfred Theme Builder Lets You Indulge Your Inner Design Guru


I call this one
I call this one "MIGRAINE"

Alfred users, the time to customize your digital assistant has finally come, with the launch of the web-based Alfred Theme Builder.

This clever web doohickey lets you set the color styles for every aspect of Aflred‘s display. Behold, my modest effort above. I know, I know, I’m wasted as a writer. Design was always my true calling. (I’m available for weddings, funerals and small web projects, at very reasonable rates.)

And this one's called "HARDLY THERE AT ALL"

Things I love about this website: the “random” button, which comes up with a few things even more painful on the eyes than mine. And the “install” button, which lets you instantly apply whatever you see to your copy of Alfred.

All this comes just a couple of days after a user contest to find new custom themes for the imminent release of Alfred 1.2. The winners were, needless to say, much more satisfying on the eyes than anything I managed to generate with the Theme Builder site.