Watch This iPhone Survive A Literal Hammer Blow Thanks To Magical Screen Protector



I dropped my brand new iPad two days ago. The screen cracked in the corner. Tears flowed. It was the most horrific sight ever, made only worse by the fact that I refused to buy AppleCare+. Learning lessons the hard way is never fun, but mostly, I’m just pissed that I didn’t hear about this crazy screen protector that can absorb heavy amounts of damage while leaving an iDevice’s screen perfectly intact.

Check out this video where an iPhone screen survives a blow from a hammer:

I’ve never had a hunger to crack almonds on my iPhone, but it’s great to know that now I can use my iPad as a cutting board next time I brave my kitchen. The secret to Buff Lab’s ultra-protective iPhone screens is that they are composed of four layers that cushion the impact, absorb it, and then disperse the shock across the surface area of the phone so that it’s not concentrated at one small point on the iPhone screen. The fourth layer is a silicon adhesive that allows users to easily remove and reposition the screen protector onto other devices. Buff Labs doesn’t sell their protectors directly, but you can find them online selling between $20 to $30 a piece.

[via Gizmodo]

  • Nick Cotter

    yeah but the nut acts as a massive barrier if he was hitting the screen with the hammer then it is ‘magical’

  • imajoebob

    This could well be a “stunt.’ Not as in a faked demonstration, or even a faked methodology, but a very specifically designed test that only “attacks” the protector at it’s strongest defence. ceramics are a tricky business; hitting it from angle A will break your hammer, hitting it from angle B will shatter it into a million bits. I’d not invest the 30 dollars until I see them drop it from a table and land on an edge or (especially) a corner.

  • dcj001

    The almond acted as a cushion to absorb the impact of the hammer. Please do not fall for the hype.

  • Flyphoenix

    This is stupid.

  • Chris Star

    The moisture-laden nut is what’s absorbing the shock, hence why the nut goes to mush rather than ‘crack’. Screen protectors just protect the screen from surface scratches or minor dings. You could do this test with cling-wrap covering the screen. Glass is surprisingly strong but extremely brittle i.e. prone to shock, especially at the edges. This is why my friend’s screen smashed completely after slipping about 1 1/2 feet out of his hand onto a bench top, whereas my phone fell 4 1/2 feet and survived unscathed and unscratched after landing flat on it’s screen. If you dropped your phone on the corner, it’s the shock transferred from the chassis that’s done the cracking, which a decent case would have prevented, not a screen protector.

    P.S. Is Buster your birth name or something you get called because you smash a lot of stuff? :)

  • kiwisteve

    Tested without the almond:!

  • _mcat

    Does anyone have a link where I can buy one of these? I have searched the internet but cannot find a seller.