New iPad’s Retina Display Not So ‘Resolutionary’ For Some


It's pretty clear in this image that the new iPad's Retina display (right) is suffering from a horrible yellow tint.
It's pretty clear in this image that the new iPad's Retina display (right) is suffering from a horrible yellow tint.

Apple’s latest iPad has already been plagued by issues related to its Wi-Fi and 3G connections, but it seems its problems don’t stop there. No, I’m not talking about its slightly warmer feel, which isn’t a real issue. I’m talking about issues with its new Retina display, including yellow, blue, and pink tinting; dead pixels; dust; backlight bleeding and blotches.

A MacRumors forum thread that started this morning is quickly growing into a long list of complains from new iPad owners who aren’t happy with its “resolutionary” display. The original poster is now on his 13th iPad, and every single one of them has had display issues:

Ok, so I’m on my 13th iPad. In fairness, one of those was because I decided I wanted a different color, and another one i decided i wanted to upgrade to one with 4G. 3 were returned right away in the store (scratches, dark blotches behind the screen). A couple were super yellow, one had over a dozen dead pixels, and one even had the bottom half of the screen turn baby blue!

A number of replies come from disgruntled users who have decided to give up on the third-generation device completely for time being, following a similar experience with several faulty units. And it’s pretty much the same story over on the Apple Support Communities forum, where one thread detailing the “yellowish hue” issue now has over 43,000 views and 410 replies.

I too am having the same issue.  I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and compare it to my son’s iPad 2.  While I think the 3 is crisper looking, pages that should be clean white are washed out and yellow.

I just went to check out the 3rd Gen iPad they have on display from a nearby apple reseller and clearly my yellowish tinted iPad is defective. I am definitely going to return this to the store tomorrow and get my refund back.

The yellow tint seems to be the most common problem, and I must say, it’s present on both of the new iPads we have in our house, though it’s not really noticeable unless you put the device alongside an iPad 2. Some users suggest that this is simply due to the adhesive used in the display and that it gradually disappears over time, but others aren’t convinced.

What’s clear is that the new iPad — or at least a certain batch of new iPads — have poor displays that need to be replaced. But let’s not forget that a Retina display of this size is new, and new technology always has its teething problems. While over 400 complaints may seem excessive, it’s really very tiny when you consider that over 3 million iPads were sold during its first three days of availability.

The good thing is, Apple is happy to replace your iPad if you’re unhappy with it’s display; just take it to your local Genius Bar and have them take a look at it. And if you’re still not happy, you can always get your money back.

Has your new iPad got display issues?

  • bashman

    Got mine release day no issue.

  • Jaime Santana Ruelas

    Do you guys know if you can return or have support in the local apple store when it is bought somewhere else? Say..Sams, Target, RadioShack, etc.. Or even online re-sellers, like MacConnection, MacMall, etc..

    or what if you get it from someone else? (second hand iPad)

  • nolavabo

    People are not convinced that we went to the moon or that Elvis is dead as well. Or that the world is a globe.

    It’s an adhesive issue. Use Google to search for “yellow display” one month after the release of iPad 1 and iPad 2 and see it happened then as well. As manufacturing catches up to demand, units spend more time getting from the factories in China to the consumers’ hands and the adhesive has time to “dry” and turn clear.

  • Immanuel Jungheim

    There is, as I guess, only those with problems who speak out the loudest. The others, as usual the majority of the millions of iPad 3 owners, keep quiet and just enjoy their gadget.

  • BeatDiggz

    had to return mine because there was a big annoying speck of dust behind the screen. new one no visible issues.

  • allanes5

    Don’t have any issues with my iPad 3 at all.

  • seraphfallen

    Being using the iPad for a month. Everything works great except for the 3G connectivity issue.

  • tekchic

    This isn’t new news. It’s been discussed since launch day in a thread much larger than the linked one. Many of us had yellow tints that went away after several days of heavy iPad use. Mine when compared side-by-side with my old iPad 2 looks like a perfectly balanced white now, but still a proper warmer hue. It did have a yellow tint in the beginning, but it seems to have cleared up for a lot of people.

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    I have got mine yesterday from Singapore. I neither have wifi issue nor any color patch.

  • Amarokada

    I’ve been waiting for this issue to be reported on a news site, it’s a month overdue. This is a real issue but probably not one most people report. Unless you are used to an iPad 2 or have one of the good iPad 3s to compare with, you probably will accept the yellow tint screen.

    I bought 2 iPad 3s on launch, both were fine screens but 1 had a faulty camera. I returned it and the next 4 replacements all had yellow tinted screens, it was very visible when put side by side. Finally the 5th replacement is good and I’m happy. Apple have not given me any trouble with swapping it out each time, either online or the Apple store (where the genius admitted he could see the difference as well). No official word from Apple though that this is a problem.