Where Is My App Store Wish-list, Apple?


Thanks for not letting me build an apps wish-list, Apple!
Thanks for not letting me build an apps wish-list, Apple!

I’ve been poking around iTunes 9 since yesterday evening (UK time), and there’s some good (app management), some bad (stability issues) and some “beaten repeatedly with an ugly stick until unconscious” ugly (most of the UI, the hideous column nav). But one thing with the App Store refresh within iTunes 9 just baffles me: the lack of wish-lists for apps.

As shown in the pic, access a song’s menu and you get to add the item to a wish-list. With an app, you can merely ‘tell a friend’. I’m sure owners of the many websites that provide wish-list functionality for the App Store are breathing a collective sigh of relief, but it strikes me a strange and inconsistent that Apple’s not enabling users to store a list of interesting apps for later purchase.

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  1. Chris Brunner says:

    My family buys me iTunes Gift Cards for my birthday, Father’s Day, etc… It would be great to add software from the Mac App Store to my “Wishlist” just like I do in iTunes!


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