Apple Wants To Hire Someone To Help Them Build 3D iPhones & iPads


Future iOS devices could offer glasses-free 3D technology that's better than anything else you've seen already.
Future iOS devices could offer glasses-free 3D technology that's better than anything else you've already seen.

Apple has filed for all sorts of patents related to 3D technologies over the years, sparking speculation that the company will one day bring us 3D-capable Macs and iOS devices. But evidence that it’s about to get serious about 3D technology for iOS devices comes from a recent job listing on its website for a “Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group.”

The listing actually calls for an iOS Software Engineer, who specializes in 3D technology. Candidates must have a “Ph.D. degree in a Computer Vision related field such as Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science,” in addition to experience in the following areas:

* Multi-view stereo and 3D reconstruction
* Inpainting of occluded geometry and texture data
* Mesh texturing techniques
* Large scale bundle adjustment
* Cameras and surfaces in a 3D environment

This listing, along with Apple’s growing collection of 3D-related patents, proves the company has an interest in 3D technology. While glasses-free 3D has been available with Android devices from the likes of HTC and LG, it is yet to make its way into an Apple-branded smartphone or tablet.

That’s probably because the technology isn’t quite there yet. Not many people are into the existing glasses-free 3D technology, and it has a lot of flaws. Apple famously steers away from technology that’s still in its early stages, but on the odd occasion, it revolutionizes it and provides a product that actually works.

Could Apple be preparing to bring us a new 3D technology that’s better than what we’ve already seen? It certainly looks like it could be. Back in February, the company filed for a patent that detailed eye-tracking 3D technology that uses a device’s front-facing camera to monitor a user’s eyes and provide a 3D interface based on their position.

Of course, the technology could also be a part of Apple’s upcoming “iTV,” which could be about to take on 3D televisions from the likes of Samsung and Panasonic.

Whatever it is, it’s likely to be a while before we see it, so don’t expect to be playing 3D games or watching 3D movies on your iPhone 5.

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  • joewaylo

    That’ll be nifty when it comes out. 3D stereoscopic display at 1,920 x 1,080 or higher. Awesome if they get 16:9 2,560 x 2,048

  • Skywaytraffic

    Andddd this will be the day I stop buying iPhones.

  • causticmango

    Maps, dude, maps. This is about mapping technologies, not some goofy 3D holographic display.

  • km1024

    Not one of those skills listed in the job advertisement involve 3D display technology, although 3D display technology would probably be an eventual goal in order to better render the results. All of those skills relate to geometry, material, and pose acquisition, not display.

  • Jairo Gomez

    Andddd this will be the day I stop buying iPhones.

    Good, a person that lacks the common sense to understand that this display will be optional makes us iPhone users look bad anyways.