Shot-Steadying SlingShot Camera Stand For iPhone


Peeoooyngg! TYhe one thing the SlingShot won't do is catapult your iPhone across the room
Peeoooyngg! The one thing the SlingShot won't do is catapult your iPhone across the room

UPDATE: This post incorrectly stated that the SlingShot’s inventor, Charles Waugh, was also responsible for the AirClip iPhone grip. He is not.

It seems that there’s an almost infinite number of ways to stabilize your iPhone while taking photos and video, but possibly the most absurd – and at the same time extrmely practical – method so far is to drop it into this catapult-shaped tripod/slingshot.

I chuckled when I first saw it. And then I thought, “that’s actually pretty damn clever.”

The SlingShot is made from acetal resin, a super-tough material which can bend and stretch enough to accommodate either a svelte iPhone 4/S or a humungously overweight Galaxy Note. The top cradle holds the phone, and it screws (using a standard tripod thread) onto the handle. This can be twisted and set at the right angle for hand-held shooting, or you can flip out a pair of vestigial legs to make it into a mini, tabletop tripod.

Pretty clever, right? It even has an open side on the cradle so you can use the iPhone with the dock cable plugged in.

Should you need yet another way to stabilize your iPhone, then the SlingShot can be had for just $14. that’s almost cheaper than trying to make an iPhone stand out of folded dollar bills. SlingShot is a Kickstarter project, but it has already been funded, so you’ll be sure of getting one once they ship.

[Thanks, Charles!]