Get A Free Copy Of Tesla Wars And Zap Enemies Into Oblivion [Sponsored Giveaway]



The iPad is hands-down, one of the best platforms to play video games on. Games just seem to envelop you in a wave of child-like wonder once you start playing. One of our favorite types of iPad apps are Tower Defense games that force users to employ strategy combined with realtime action. There are hundreds of games out there, but one of the coolest and unique games we’ve played is Tesla Wars by Synaptic Wave.

What sets Tesla Wars apart from any other game is how the gameplay becomes action-packed and arcade-like as you fight off mobs of enemies by touching individual baddies to zap them with a bolt of electricity. The premise is a bit reminiscent of when we were kids frying ants with a magnifying glass, except now we’re using freaking lighting bolts like Zeus.

Setting up defense turrets and armies is what takes up your time in most tower defense games, but Telsa Wars is better than that and more exciting because you get to do all the attacking along with strategizing. You mighty electrical defense tower doesn’t fire until you tap the screen to zap enemies with ferocious lightning bolts to defend your country. We found the game to be very addictive and love how well Tesla Wars mixes action and elements of strategic planning to provide a more fast-paced game that’s fun and challenging.

Today we’re happy to partner up with Synaptic Wave who is giving away their popular game Tesla Wars for free to Cult of Mac readers for the next week. You can head over to the App Store right now and download Tesla Wars for iPhone or iPad completely free.

If you like it – and we know you will – we’d love it if you would tell your friends about it on Twitter or Facebook. You can follow Synaptic Wave on Twitter or like their Facebook Page to learn all about the awesome games they have coming down the pipeline and get a sneak peek of new titles.


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  • davester13

    Ugh. Another freemium game.

  • sonofsci

    Come on Cult of Mac, quit treating us like we are stupid. This game is always free because you pay in-game for upgrades. Like davester13 mentioned, it’s freemium. Look at the top in app purchases, they are shield upgrades and credits. When you say it’s a giveaway there isn’t much other way to spin it besides just saying that you are lying.
    The game looks interesting and I did download it but I hope by doing so I’m not just rewarding your bad behavior.
    Give away an iTouch or iPad to play this on or at least a few thousand in-game credits to make the title true.

  • Stuka_UK

    Agreed with the first two posters… This is usually free anyway and you need to buy in game upgrades to get a good score.