Nokia: Buy A Lumia 900 Instead Of An iPhone And Get These Russian Callgirls Free! [Video]



Here in America, AT&T’s rather desperately trying to convince people to buy the Lumia 900 by saying it’s a “notch above” an iPhone.

In Russia, though, Nokia’s taking a different tack and trying to get people to buy the new Lumia 900 with this advertisement, in which they seem to imply that being locked into a two-year contract with a garish Lumia phone is like being entombed alive in a metal box filled with bad techno music, seizure-inducing flashing lights and half-a-dozen garishly made-up Russian call girls covered in glitter and reeking of cigarettes and vodka.

What iPhone fan could disagree with that metaphor?

[via Apple 2.0]

  • mirixee

    It’s like the Nokia marketing execs got together and said “hey, people don’t want facts, they already know phones are boring, let’s just have funnnn!”

  • SevanGrim

    it troubles me that you can fins such negativity in being trapped in a small space with overly friendly Russian hotties. But then again, you are Brownlee.
    lol develop a sense of detachment would you? No one takes you seriously, because its always the same thing: Apple is gods gift and everyone else is trying and failing too hard. I sincerely hope your not trying for a job as an actual journalist. Because this stuff is gonna turn Time right off…