MacWorld Keynote Bingo Card Released



John Siracusa posted his essential Apple Keynote Bingo Card yesterday. This year, it’s modeled on a Newton MessagePad, which is just a lovely ironic tweak of the nose for the very anti-Newtown Steve Jobs. Remember, you need to print yours out and actually call bingo! at the actual keynote, so head over to Ars to get your PDF copy and decode the various squares.

I have to say, column 2, row three strikes me as the most likely of the card. Maybe even more than the free square.

Design by John McCoy

  • Ian

    Apple just announced new Mac Pro’s is it legal to check the first square… before MacWorld?

  • jwolman

    “Boom” should probably just BE the free square.

  • Jib

    Indeed, Apple Store is currenty offline too…must be updating to “something” :-)

  • Calvin

    So is there gonna be a new version with the new Mac Pro already introduced or do we just check it off?

  • Bob

    Where’s the square for “ottomatically?”

  • St.G

    Where’s “Insanely Great”?