This Charming TSA Agent Has Been Stealing iPads Out Of Travelers’ Luggage


Left: the face of national security. Right: an iPad.

Next time you’re making a flight through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport you might want to keep your iPad in your carry-on rather than leave it in your luggage. Or hope Transportation Security Administration agent Clayton Dovel isn’t on duty that day – which he probably won’t be because he just got busted for stealing a bunch of iPads from travelers’ luggage.

Over the last 8 months Clayton stole a total of 8 iPads out of checked bags at DFW International. The TSA has already issued an unapologetic statement saying:

The unacceptable behavior of this individual in no way reflects the dedication of our nearly 50,000 transportation security officers who work tirelessly to keep our skies safe.

Maybe Dovel thought the iPads were bombs, and so he took them back to his house for defusing. The 36-year-old TSA baggage inspector has been charged with theft by a public servant. Someone needs to give Dovel a few tips on how to use an iPad though because apparently he forgot to turn off Find My iPhone which led the cops straight to him, even after one of the iPads had been stolen for 9 months.

For some weird reason Dovel didn’t even sell the 8 iPads. He was just chillin at home with all 8 of them when police knocked on his front door. Which makes us wonder, what the hell are you gonna do with 8 iPads Clayton? Be a smart thief next time. At least wipe the memory clean, and sell those puppies for like a used car or go on a Caribbean cruise or something. You gotta enjoy the theif lifestyle before it’s over. Which apparently it is for you.

[NBCDFW via Gizmodo]


  • Kit Holz

    After 9/11 we all learned that things out of our luggage disappeared frequently. So if you have to fly don’t take valuables with you. Don’t take expensive laptops with you – they can be seized.

  • Flyphoenix

    What a idot good thing he got caught.

  • Tom Moccia

    what idiot puts their iPad in checked luggage? If it’s not stolen it will be in a million pieces when you arrive at your destination

  • shannon_f

    Don’t inform the thieves on how to not get caught stealing Apple products! Who knows how many of them read CoM….

  • Bguss

    If he’s doing it, I can bet you others are as well. TSA…wanna be cops or Totally Stupid Assholes.

  • Wirehedd

    TSA idiot aspires to be iDiot?

    (see what I did there?)