You Can Buy This Funky Looking Apple Prototype eMate 300 For Only $8,500!


This crazy thing is like a crossbreed between the Newton and iBook

If you’ve ever wanted to own a rare piece of Apple history that looks like totally rad then this new eBay listing for a Prototype Apple eMate 300 might be the perfect. The only eMates Apple produced had a solid dark green casing rather than the clear casing you see above. The seller estimates only 6 or so of these clear eMate 300s were produced and it looks quite similar to the first generation iBook that derived a lot of inspiration from the eMate series.

If you got fat stacks of cash that you’re just looking to throw around, you can buy this bad boy on eBay right now for a whopping $8,499.00. Take a peak after the jump for even more pictures of Apple’s crazy touchscreen eMate prototype.

Designed as a low-cost laptop for the education market, the eMate 300 ran the Newton operating system and cost $800
The battery on this bad boy lasted 28 hours on a full charge!
The eMate 300 features a 480x320 resolution 16-shade grayscale display


  • Brandon Barrett

    here is a $100,000 ROTOTYPE MACINTOSH 128k / APPLE MAC, WITH 5.25″ TWIGGY DISK DRIVE if you have deep pockets. well worth the money

  • mbchp

    I have an eMate 300 (green casing) still in the original box. This makes me wonder what it might bring. Maybe 5-10% of this prototype model?

  • oliverterrisse

    you have better to wait for a MacBook Touch :

  • WardC

    I am still waiting to get a Clear Case Macintosh Portable prototype…yes Macintosh Portable, the 68000-based large portable PowerBook predecessor that ran on a lead-acid battery and weighed 30 pounds. They made the prototype units out of Clear plastics and there are only a handful known to exist. Last one I saw on eBay was in 2006 and fetched $7,400. I pulled my bidding out after it passed 3k.

  • appleattack

    I don’t move enough cheddar to afford that.

  • Lane Jasper

    If the stylus “holder” was just a bit bigger I’d buy.