Apple Promises To Add Multichannel Audio Editing & More To Final Cut Pro X This Year


Apple has some huge improvements for Final Cut Pro X in store for this year.
Apple has some huge improvements for Final Cut Pro X in store for this year.

Apple has promised to issue a major update to Final Cut Pro X “sometime during 2012” that will deliver a number of new features, including multichannel audio editing, dual viewers, and more, to its professional video editing software. The Cupertino company provided all the details to producer, editor, and director Larry Jordan.

Jordan then relayed the details of the “on-the-record” meeting on his blog. “It was an interesting meeting,” he said. “Apple clearly wants it known that FCP X should be considered a professional application, that development is on-going, and that they are listening to comments from users.”

In addition to multichannel audio editing, Jordan reports that the update will bring dual viewers, MXF plug-in support, and RED camera support.

Dual Viewers in analogous to “Source” and “Record” monitors, Jordan says, and allows editors to compare two clips side-by-side. MXF plug-in support will allow users to read the native MXF wrapper that contains MXF files — and not just the MXF files themselves like the current Final Cut Pro X release.

And finally, support for RED cameras means producers no longer need to convert RED footage to QuickTime to edit it, with the ability to edit RED files natively instead.

This isn’t the first time Apple has given Jordan a peek at its future plans for Final Cut. Last February, he got a private demonstration of the Final Cut Pro X software before it made its public debut.

[via AppleInsider]