Remind Your Friends Of Apple’s Good Ol’ Days With Cult Of Mac’s New Graphic Tee



Apple’s Lisa – now there was a proper computing machine. But, though she was one of Steve Job’s most sexy creations, she was also one of Apple’s biggest commercial failures due to her astronomic $10,000 price tag (10k!). We fancied her though, as any true Apple fan would, so put her cutting-edge, dual-floppy good-looks on a tee you’ll be proud to wear over your torso.

Cult of Mac’s new In Love With Lisa tee is perfect for you or the Apple fan in your life (bonus if that fan’s name is Lisa!). Remind the world of a time when Apple computers were big, boxy, and downright uncouth!

Our new tee is crafted from 100% super-soft cotton, ships worldwide, and is available right now. We’re already half sold out, grab yours now over at

  • Terra Evony

    Really? The best font you came up with was Times New Roman? The shirt is ugly, no scratch that, it’s fugly. It’s a sickening grey and is so unapple, any apple user who is wearing this overpriced textile should be ashamed. The Apple Lisa was terrible, ill thought out and ugly, just like this shirt.

  • Wackintosh

    terra, no shit. you are completely correct, this shirt blows just like the Lisa. Steve Jobs hated the Lisa (as was made clear in Isaacson’s book) and was waaay too expensive, just like this shirt is… horrible horrible horrible shirt design. no true apple fan would ever wear this trash..
    no wonder they’ve been trying to push it on the readers of this site for weeks, if not months now — no one is buying it

    give it a rest, cult of Mac, this shirt sucks terribly and most people who can think for themselves would never get caught wearing this rubbage.. Move on already