Configure Google Sync to Delete Gmail Without Archiving [iOS Tips]



If you use Gmail like a lot of us do, you may have noticed that when swiping across an email to delete it, you’ll only have an Archive option. Well, if you’ve set up your email as a Microsoft Exchange account, you’ll have the option to delete the mail rather than just archive it. Here’s how.

First up, be sure and set up your email account according to these instructions here.

Once that’s taken care of, head on over to on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Safari web browser app. You’ll be asked to sign in, and then you’ll see a list of the devices you’ve set up to sync with Gmail this way.

Tap the name of the device you’re working on, and you’ll get some options. See the Enable “Delete Email as Trash” for this device checkbox? Check that one to enable deleting instead of archiving. You can also use this moment to sync any calendars to the device as well, by checking the ones you want to sync.

Scroll to the bottom, and tap Save. You’ll now be able to return to the Mail app and swipe left to Delete, not Archive.

[Source: iPhone Hacks]

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  • Bryan Leonard

    Or you could just go into Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars/”Your IMAP gmail account”/ then turn off “archive messages”.

  • pekerman

    It says, when I point my iPhone 4S’ safari web browser to, that my device is incompatible.

  • SkolVikes88

    I do not get a listing of my devices here. What’s the deal? I’ve tried on iPhone and iPad…

  • SkolVikes88

    Goto Settings/Mail, Conacts…/Accounts and click on your Gmail account. On the first screen you’ll see: “Archive Messages” Turn it off. :)

  • krigan

    Hey! For all of you that can’t access the (not supported message), a simple solution: click on the “change language” (your language there, sorry) link, and choose “english us”. All set now!

  • Shane Bryson

    Does anyone else see the glaring massive problem with this idiotic article? How about instead of being stupid and setting this up as an exchange account, you just set it up as a Gmail account and turn off archived messages? This article is tripe.

  • iamcornelis

    Hi @shane, if you want to ‘push’ your gmail messages to your iPhone you will have to set it up as an exchange account.

  • SkolVikes88

    Or you could just go into Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars/”Your IMAP gmail account”/ then turn off “archive messages”.

    Yeah, I posted that previously… :P

  • Eric M Bleau

    @shane Using ActiveSync through Google instead of builtin Gmail support also allows you to sync Google Calendars Contacts as well as push email. So setting up as an exchange account (Activesync) is not stupid in the least. It is a great way to sync contacts and calendars. That’s why I use it.