Win The World’s Fastest 13-Inch MacBook Pro With A 1TB SSD!



This is just totally sick. The guys over at Germany’s Hardwrk have taken 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1TB Samsung 830 SATA III SSD bundled up in an SSD-RAID-0, slapped it into a 13-inch MacBook Pr running an Intel Core i7-2640M 2.8GHz chip.

The result? A three-thousand euro behemoth of a machine — custom-engraved and covered in a beautiful matte black covering — that they say is the world’s fastest MacBook Pro, and with a 1.7 second PhotoShop boot-up time, we’re inclined to believe them.

Best of all? They’re giving this bad boy away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment on their post.

  • Susan Ortega

    Been wanting a macbook pro for so long.

  • mrgono3


  • essa91m

    I may die if I didn’t touch it. well done guys .

  • ekees28

    Do want!

  • Scott Buscemi

    About time to replace my old MBP

  • Abdul Azim

    Super awesome.

  • Marshall Byler

    Yes please.

  • Labib Jaffar

    1.7sec Bootup? OMG! This is a dream come true

  • MYS


  • tmeinberg

    That is AWESOME!!! Would be a great replacement for my aging MacBook Pro!

  • Rexne1

    Awesome…looks good…

  • harry525

    Yes and yes

  • murgatroidmx

    This is really cool … and … I wanna win it!

  • Kenton Presbrey

    I just put a 240GB OCZ Vertex 3 in my early 2011 2.2Ghz MacBook Pro with 16GB Ram. It is absolutely ridiculous; everything is instant. An SSD is the best thing you can do to your computer if you are looking for significant performance gains. I’ve built tons of systems throughout my days and done tons of performance upgrades and tweaks. Never have I seen such an immense performance boost from any component like that of an SSD upgrade. Once you use a machine with an SSD you soon realize how much HDD are holding everything back. All of the sudden your machine boots in just a few seconds (especially OS X machines), Apps launch instantaneously, and the entire system is cooler and quieter. One major factor that was previously holding me back was losing all that storage space that comes with HDD, however, with iCloud, iTunes Match etc. I found that 240GB of storage was more than suffice and cloud storage is only going to become more prevalent. So if you were thinking about dropping some cash on a brand new machine first consider upgrading to an SSD. I promise you, your old machine that you once thought was getting old and clunky will feel like a brand new system.

  • cpmorris0

    I need this more than you, I think. – Carl Johnson.

  • GadgetBoyTweets

    This is truely amazing! And it was made for me, Gadget Boy!

  • 3xtraction

    AWESOME!! YES PLEASE!!! This would be GREAT for storing all my data and for data processing!

  • HarryMoy

    I can haz?

  • Jibajaba21

    Awesome, that would be like the most amazing first laptop ever :D

  • comernick1

    This would be awesome to have :]

  • MonsterRobert97

    Wow this is an awesome giveaway, good luck to all those that are entering and I wish you the best of luck.

  • AdamPluck1

    I wanna win

  • rdmdk

    This is so cool .. I want!

  • stevereddi

    Me please

  • Kennetc

    Yes yes wanna

  • Kennetc

    Yes yes wanna

  • AliJoy

    Incredible Tri-force of awesome. Speed, beauty, and power? Well played.

  • neeruam

    Oh my. This is a lovely machine.

  • Andrej Sefer

    Wow what a beast of a MBP, definitely want one!!

  • TheAssyrianGuy

    I think I just climaxed

  • sparsearray

    What a radical laptop! I’d love to take it for a spin as it’s new owner.

  • isisss

    Pure evil genius! MUST.HAVE.ONE! Make more pretty please!

  • Atroutt

    please let me win jebus.

  • Rolando Maldonado

    Perfect for video and photo editing!

  • Eli_Rayziel

    Every machine should be like this!!!! I want this beast!

  • jyor6s

    Amazing!!! Please oh please let it be me!

  • Lilcrewes_2007

    Way better than my iPad. I want one

  • Stopsignguy


  • Daniel Norman

    Not strictly a 1TB drive, it’s two 512 drives striped as a RAID 0 volume. Just something to keep in mind… that’s about performance, but comes with increased risk to your data. Back up, back up, back up. (I recently had a catastrophic drive failure in a RAID 0 array in a Mac Pro at work, and the volume wasn’t backed up, because the guy who configured it thought “RAID” meant redundancy #facepalm).

  • konstantine_p

    I’m sure I can find a way to make this thing useful. But, if you decide to go in another direction, pick AliJoy.

  • clgregory

    Our main concern about getting a laptop (other than the higher cost than a desktop) is less memory to put our stuff on the computer. We run our movies and music through Apple TV. That would address our concern. Looks very nice.

  • gspang123

    looks sweet!

  • Adam Go??biewski

    Jawdrop. Amazing Macbook.

  • Jshlgg

    Yeah buddie!!!!

  • Leonardo Quintero

    that’s sick :D

  • Adam Go??biewski


  • ratsey

    They say size doesn’t matter but Hardwrk does!

  • ????? ????????

    To russia, with love…

  • Riverir

    1TB!!! Please be me!

  • William Auth

    Drool. Drool…

  • Arron Hunt

    Didn’t show start up time :(

  • xMoonDevilx

    Hopefully this is a fully working MacBook, seeing as how Germany has upheld its ban on Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe push services…maybe they left some things out. ;)

  • Mark Bello

    Would have though it would cost more that 3000 Euros

  • gopokes7769

    Holy smokes, what a machine! As Van Halen penned so many years ago: “Everybody wants some, I want some too.”

  • Sam Kauffmann

    Over here! I’ll take it.

  • Matt Haynes

    What a spec, would be nice

  • iamkosta

    Not even trying to WIN this i just love Apple – which means am a Mac

  • pajamasam

    Oh pick me!

  • DeadByDawn

    Awesome! I’d love to say I won something in my lifetime!Please?

  • gctwit78

    You guys know it’s not this blog post you are suppose to comment on right… or no you didn’t did you.

  • Dillin4Flight

    I need this, it seems to good to be true! :)
    Apple is the best!!!!

  • kremer

    O.M.G……… it’s so… Sexy..

  • philiplives

    Oh my. What a machine. Millennium Falcon of the Apple world!!

    O.M.G……… it’s so… Sexy..

  • alanfabricio_

    MANNNNN. do you really mean it? I NEED this MONSTER, please.

  • ShellZero

    WOW ! Awesome!! i would like to have one! :)

  • Ngoc Tran

    OMG…I love it

  • ci0

    Absolutely, sign me up.

  • Christian Pittman

    fell in love instantly

  • Sandis Sauka

    Looks impressive :)

  • Marc Streeter

    C’mon I have never won anything in my life, luck be a laptop!

  • llebnoj

    Beautiful craftsmanship

  • Annija Sauka

    Looks impressive :)

  • krecik

    Now THAT is Insanely Great!

  • Vinodgnp

    Cool mac config

  • Matthew Lee

    Oh my… I need a napkin after reading that specs.

  • Konsta Parkkinen

    Oh my god, give my old macbook specs like that!

  • husawon

    The reason I want to win the MacBook 13″ is because I am a college student. well truthfully I am a full time college student and my younger brother is becoming a senior in highschool soon this coming fall. Well he doesn’t have a laptop and I have a 15″ MacBook pro but I always need it for my colleges courses and can’t lend it to him a lot. Well we have to one old computer with a slow hard drive I mean really slow and he can’t do his homework or essays fast because of it. Sometimes I feel bad about it but yes. Right now we could buy

  • husawon

    A labtop for him but with te economy and money. I saw this free giveaway competition and thought why not give a try to win my brother a labtop for free. So that’s my reason.

  • Karel Winderickx

    Awesome! This could run a CAD-program properly

  • neogeoxxx

    Very nice.

  • Brooklyn_Al

    Great I already picked a spot for my new laptop! Is it coming via FedEx or UPS?

  • MyloMuffy

    I want it!!!

  • bleck2psc

    Me please!!!!!!!

  • bsalamon

    That is one pimped up Mac book!!!

  • MicheleMazzucco


  • Mohy

    Cool a spiced up MBP…

  • pcarn9

    I’ll take it

  • KBarrett

    Awesome! It would be great for my photography course!

  • Frank Castle

    Would love to win that beast….

  • Jake Sparks

    A+! Would comment again!

  • Kevin Cramer

    Incredible! This monster would be great for school!

  • morgantm

    Wow thats incredible!

  • hermit

    nice piece of machine

  • kalebk08

    OMG hellyes please I love the Germans! .. And the beer!

  • Pvdavezimmerman1

    This could really help my business of helping others!

  • Micha? Kruszyniak

    Woow, thats really BAD BOY

  • Ben Ward

    I want this! Actually…. Can it run Crysis? (Troll)

  • moritz771


  • Ajay Patel


    Looks AWESOME.

  • Wilfred van der Deijl

    My early 2011 MBP 15″ (with added 480Gb Vertex3 SSD and 16Gb RAM) does a Photoshop CS5 start in under 2 seconds. Must say I love such a high performance machine

  • LatinDynamite

    I’d take it to every cafe I could find just to showcase how beautiful and powerful it is. Might motivate others to think differently with theirs Macs.

  • sisrani

    Love this machine.

  • ElDobleMartillo

    Finally, a computer that would actually impress Sheldon Cooper!

  • gibius



    ooaaa!!! nice of machine

  • Hey_Mat

    This would have to be THE most awesome piece of tech I have ever seen! I would do anything to have this!

  • ChSean

    This, would, complete me.


    Customising cars is one thing, tweaking the engine adding a turbo but now people are doing it to MBPs!!!
    1.7s boot up of photoshop too, that’s pretty awesome! Amazing work.

  • leslie5610

    I used to think that Mac is no where as good as pc, but this changed my mind!

  • johnjs

    Seems awesome.

  • kevinopena


  • James Jackson


  • Andrew J Sidener

    That is really impressive

  • wcr1951

    Very impressed!

  • WarrenL

    Yjis would be better than Fantastic!

  • Ken Anderson

    Omg I want this machine!

  • RGabo22

    Amazing piece of Mac!!!! I wish Apple would release these kind of equipment! Great job, guys!

  • junkie

    wow, just wow,, count me in!

  • amw154

    I NEED this machine!

  • macmulisha

    My iMac died a couple of months back. I am currently without a machine and I think this will fill that void.

  • Chronophage

    Simply amazing, I’m in awe!

  • Khanhduc10

    Thank You for to sending this Information to us and Giving us an Opportunity to have this Macbook Pro! You guys are Amazing! :)

  • dctalk523

    please please pick me. thanks!

  • FootDrag74

    Somewhere, above us all, Steve Jobs is smiling at the Hardwrk put into this beautiful machine.

  • Keeby Boy Biñas

    I don’t own any iOS or MacOS gadgets right now and i think this is the time for me to have one. 16GB of RAM is one hell of a Memory with a 1TB of SSD?!?! what the hell!!! i want one, Please pick me. XD

  • Doug Price

    This would be perfect for my home and office and perhaps convince my workplace to switch to MAC as a primary after seeing it when I bring this in

  • Keith Gray

    Thanks for a GREAT opportunity!!!

  • Daniel Richert

    This would cure my need for a new laptop update.

  • Joel Bram

    I use mine for all the Adobe master suite products so I put 12 GB ram(icores prefer sets of 3 and it saved me $80 over the 16GB upgrade) and a 750GB momentous XT Hybrid Drive in my 2.4 i5 13in MBP and it is smoking fast! I never thought to replace the optical drive, nice! Please let me have this one! I will donate mine to a starving artist or something!

  • Joel Bram

    you could do After Effects editing sitting at the park!

  • NIMZo

    i will put it over a broken down hp laptop

  • yoviera

    i’ll put on my helmet coz it’s like riding a ducati

  • Jens Budny

    this machine must be straight out of hell!
    or am i in heaven?

  • brandaman1

    Woah! simple engineering beauty! would make my life a lot easier! damn. just a sexy machine!

  • hirenvasani

    Just wonder how its so fast?

    Want to test it, Hope i will get free

  • Timo Joensuu

    Great work!

  • antopanto

    thats something Steve Jobs would have taken with him..

  • Dennis Van ‘t Veer

    Would people buy this if Apple sold these :O What a beauty!

  • Javier Jimenez

    GREAT, INCREDIBLE… I need it. Thanks

  • MacFanGrrl

    Ohhh hubba hubba! This MacBook Pro is outrageously sexy! Finally a bad boy that I can bring to bed and not worry about sluggishness. There’s nothing slow or shy about this hunk of hardware. He’s sleek, powerful, and tasty to my eyes. I’ll scream with ecstasy if I should be so lucky to win all 13″ of this powerhouse!

  • Peter Cibulka

    … my dear Lord .. heaven is comming to the earth !!! .. I don’t need woman anymore !!!!

  • Jeffkrop

    After all my coffee this morning I did not think anything could keep up with me. Well these guys changed it all. Slow Saturday mornings, no way It time to work on all the things my lame job has been keeping me from. This will help its a big list.

  • Joe E. Jones

    I want it!!

  • Josh Howe

    This would be a perfect money saver for me!

  • Archer Sully

    This would be better than fixing up the old white Macbook that’s on the shelf…

  • Lorca Hanns


  • Hasbullah Mappelawa

    Lets call it iSuperMac… it…

  • marbu1976

    I’m lost for words. Awesome.

  • jmw917

    oh yea

  • Raiden_1

    Must try this in order to find out how fast this thing really is. Looks awesome.

  • powleys

    iLust4U – holy smoke this baby wants me bad…

  • DangKid

    I’ve never had a Mac before. Been saving up some money to get one but this would be amazing!

  • cindykraus

    This Mac looks amazing… I would love to have one.

  • kihear

    Nice one!! Needs

  • mac_fan

    A dream-come-true! (my PhotoShop boot-up time on my old macbook = 1.7 min :-)))

  • David Sassarini

    Smart people, smart machine. Good job!

  • restad28


  • Edddie7

    one word: amazing.

  • Patrick Létourneau

    Unreal performance! This is the MacBook on steroids! :-)

  • Wirehedd

    Dammit. This was the project _I_ wanted to build. Ah well, seeing as the works already done I would seriously like to give it a go. :)

  • supratt

    Wow…… this is krazy amaZing !!! 1tb ssd and 16 gb of ram….= speechless……

  • Tom Hormel

    Sounds awesome

  • Lane Jasper

    WOW!!! Way to go! lol

  • davidlking

    Awesome innovation for the new world

  • Digitwirl Patrick

    This Macbook Pro is like “the golden apple ” from godess Afrodite, a gift from heaven!

  • ytowndrew

    love this MBP!

  • neets

    This is the definition of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

  • baryzae


  • saxobaxo

    If you really want me to… I´ll take it :)

  • apple_worm

    I’m head over heels in love!<3

  • Romek

    This is every geeks’ wet dream come true. A Ferrari of notebooks!

  • mickeylin

    This laptop sounds amazing! Would be a great replacement for my 2007 MBP Santa Rosa.

  • nam3pranav

    i hope i win this awesome machine!

  • freedommcflyy

    Did I win?

  • Notch

    I would enjoy this laptop very very much 0_0

  • cultoferic

    yesss please!

  • Alex Rosocha

    Ja, ich will!

  • Jacobsapple

    Amazing work!!!!

  • moayara26

    World’s great laptop! Nothing Can beat Apple!!! I hope I can win!!! Coz i am an Apple avid fan!!!

  • Hiro Mamoru

    I always wanted a fast and powerful MacBook Pro laptop

  • nyhalie

    look amazing I so can not believe what i’m seeing if only I could win that beauty i’d proberly thank those who chose me and i wont do anything but go on it but that’s if I win. i really need one for my work and all the rest and i have waited for an macbook pro and i love fast and very powerful things like this macbook nothing can beat APPLE they ae the best