HandiZoom Makes Video-Shooting SLRs Easier To Handle


The HandiZoom is handy. And it zooms
The HandiZoom is handy. And it zooms

The HandiZoom is an add-on camera grip that makes your SLR handle more like a camcorder. A really big, heavy camcorder. It is currently at the prototype stage, but looks like it could prove popular with one-man crews shooting documentary footage.

The grip puts all of the common camera controls at your fingertips, and even includes zoom switches which trigger a motor that then moves the lens itself. Thus you can easily replicate the crappy, amateurish zoom-while-shooting technique beloved of vacationing camcorder owners the world over.


Combined with the Hoodman-style eyepiece, which turns the big rear LCD screen into a sun-proof viewfinder, this actually looks like a very practical piece of kit, even if it does make the user look a little dorky. As a prototype, there isn’t a price or launch date yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

[Via PetaPixel]

  • InternDom

    need it now!

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Perhaps what we need is a camera designed for full-frame video.