Waterproof, Reflective Messenger Bag To Tote Your MacBook Air


Carry your MacBook in reflective, waterproof style
Carry your MacBook in reflective, waterproof style

Rickshaw, the folks behind my favorite bag ever, has released a new biker-friendly reflective messenger bag which can be used to tote your 13-inch MacBook Air in addition to all your other junk. It is in fact a fancified version of the Zero Messenger I use every day.

The Medium Zero Messenger Bag comes in silver or reflective orange, making it impossible for all but the drunkest of drivers to miss you at night. The zero in the name comes from the amount of waste generated in making the bag in Rickshaw’s San Francisco factory: almost none. The bags are made by folding and sewing a single piece of cloth, and are made from scratch when you order one.

The basic bag costs $120 and adds a bike light loop and buckles to the vanilla version. Interior pockets can be added for laptops up to 13-inches or various other accessories, and you can opt for the $18 Smartphone Strap Case to keep your iPhone handy at all times.

It looks pretty neat, and will keep both you and your gear safe. Available now.

  • Justin Gilbert

    or you could buy last year’s Timbuk2 DLUX for half that price and with a bit more features…Heck most companies sell their previous year’s versions on eBay for half the price of this year’s model.