Secrets Of The Rumored “Air-Like” Macbook Pro And More On This Week’s CultCast



Episode 8 of The CultCast just hit iTunes, and this one is more action-packed than an Aw-nuld Schwarzenegger flick from the 1990s.

Join us and our pal, Ars Technica Writer Chris Foresman, as we divulge the secrets of the rumored new Air-like Macbook Pro; explain why Facebook just ate Instagram and what it means for you; and the scary new Flashback virus — is your Mac infected?

All that and lots more on this week’s CultCast — subscribe now on iTunes!

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5 responses to “Secrets Of The Rumored “Air-Like” Macbook Pro And More On This Week’s CultCast”

  1. Harold Kelly says:

    great podcast. it’s my favorite. this one was especially funny! great job!

  2. Harold Kelly says:

    omg…just heard the pimp suit comment. awesome!

  3. tdmac says:

    Great podcast this week. Hope Leandercdid not have another ribbon incident

  4. tdmac says:

    Belly laugh to the Honda accord comment

  5. kid_slickarus says:

    Well done. Only one gripe, I can’t even remotely see apple releasing an “air pro” line. If I’m wrong I’ll eat my boot, but as it stands I see no reason for them to give such a convoluted name to one of their product lines like that.

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