Apple Increases Apple ID Account Security By Forcing Users To Set Security Questions


Apple wants you to set a number of security questions that will help identify you in the future.
  • Todd Thomas

    I just used the app store (for updates), and did not receive any such message

  • mr_bee

    I am sceptical of this report. I have had these kinds of questions in the past, but only if there was a problem with my account. I don’t think this is a universal change of policy.

  • JayVig

    this is verified. it’s only for downloading new apps, not updating. if you pick a new app, it will prompt you.

    this is a universal change in policy implemented today, along with a rescue email address.

  • joewaylo

    I hope they don’t adopt the bank security concept. User ID, then security code, then password. Three popups to purchase an item each time.