Photo-Sharing App Via.Me Adds Instagram Import

By is a nice alternative to Instagram, and can now import your Instagram photos is a nice alternative to Instagram, and can now import your Instagram photos

Still looking for an alternative to Instagram now that the Evil Empire has bought it up and is surely planning to suck it dry? There are a few options, including sticking with Instagram itself, but one alternative — Via.Me — has just added an Instagram import tool to make the transition as painless as possible. is kind of like Instagram, only you can also share videos and even sounds, and add written notes. In this way, could theoretically replace Twitter, too. And now, thanks to some quick thinking by the team (and a few late nights in the office), there is a new tool to import all of your photos from Instagram.

It’s dead easy to use. Just sign up for a account if you don’t already have one, then sign in with Instagram. Then wait. That’s it, and it’s a pretty neat way to move wholesale over to the new network.

I tried the app out and I like it quite a bit. There are grungy filters to mess up your photos, video up-and-downloading is fast even on my crappy home connection and the app itself is clean and easy to use.

The trouble, of course, is that nobody I know is there. I signed in with Twitter and found just one person I follow is using the service — Alton Brown. Still, if it takes off I might stick with it. Well, until it gets popular and Facebook buys it up, that is.

[Thanks, Jill!]

  • KevinLong

    Ever since Via.Me came out, I’ve stopped using Instagram completely. The fact that I can create pictures, video, audio and text messages all from one app, makes this wayyyy better than Instagram pictures only. Via.Me also has a killer website that lets you view your photos and friends photos in a Pinterest-like steam. Via.Me isn’t as popular as Instagram yet, but I’m certain it’ll pick up steam and be the next big thing.

  • dancarina

    Since you live in Barcelona, I believe you. Seriously, I love Via.Me. After getting bored of Instagram months ago with its closed network, I’ve switched over to Via.Me since it’s got gorgeous filters with romantic names AND publishes video! audio! to all my social networks with 1 quick click. AND it has a web version for easy viewing. I’ve already ported my Instagram photos to Via.Me this morning.

  • fergushurley

    Great post Charlie! All you have to do is invite all your friends to Via.Me and you’ll have even more fun on it :)

  • meghanme

    Hi, does anyone know how I can transfer (export) photos from a mac computer to iphone 4 so I can instagram them?? Appreciate any tools or tips any one has. Thanks!!