Watch Foxconn Workers Make An iPad [Video]


Apple has granted Rob Schmitz of Marketplace direct access to the Foxconn supply chain following his debunking of Mike Daisy’s inaccurate claims regarding Chinese working conditions. This makes Schmitz the second reporter to ever take a video crew behind the scenes at Foxconn. ABC News and Bill Weir previously visited China for a Nightline segment.

This 2 in a half minute video briefly takes you though the iPad manufacturing line and Foxconn life in general. Schmitz offers a very different take than that of Mike Daisey, highlighting how much people actually want to work at Foxconn.

A series of reports from Schmitz and Marketplace on the “Apple Economy” reveal more about Foxconn and the true nature of factory working conditions in China.

  • yoyogipark

    Those poor kids playing soccer. I bet Foxconn forces them to play at gunpoint.

  • LoganMorgan

    I’ll bet you can enjoy your Apple products even more after that hard-hitting, in-depth article and video on Foxconn.

  • LoganMorgan

    Chen Yamei, 25, who has worked at a Foxconn factory at Longhua in southern Guangdong province for four years, complained that her salary will drop to just over 2,000 yuan a month ($317) from over 4,000 yuan.