Can You Tell This Phony iPhone 4S From The Real Thing? [Video]



Unreal. This phony iPhone 4S found in Turkey looks and feels exactly like the real thing up until you turn it on… and even then, if you weren’t already familiar with what an iPhone’s low battery warning looks like, you might mistake it for the real thing. This is why you should either buy your gadgets from an Apple Store, or test them extensively before buying.

  • Grahas

    the box looks fake, the logos are messed up.

  • Grahas

    That looks REALLY fake

  • aakaashjois

    You dont need to turn it on at all. The square on the home button is off-center.

  • Flyphoenix

    Come on now that looked fake.

  • sonofsci

    The silence/ringer button is pretty crooked.

  • Tim Meesseman

    Looks pretty obvious to me. The volume buttons and mute switch don’t look right at all.

  • Jansieman

    Obvious to Apple gear owners but this could fool a newbie. Love the embedded battery warning :-)