New Slim, Air-Like MacBook Pros Look Likely To Drop In The Next 3 Weeks


Out with the old, in with the new...

Have you been following all the rumors and saving up your pennies for a new MacBook Pro or iMac the second Apple releases them? Well, looks like you might not have to wait, as two reports this morning suggest new models will be dropped imminently.

The first report is from the contentious and sporadically reliable Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, who state that new iMacs will be coming as soon as June with anti-reflective glass screens.

As for the new MacBook Pros, previous rumors for slimmer, Air-like MacBook Pros with an optical drive have pegged them for release later this month or early in May, and now How To Arena says that the chips needed for the new 15-inch Pros will become available on April 29th.

That date seems like a likely date for a MacBook Pro refresh, especially since multiple third-party resellers are already showing limited stock or are sold out of 15-inch MacBook Pros, while MacMall is having blow-out sales on many 15-inch Pro models, presumably to clear inventory.

In other words, hope you haven’t already spent your tax return. You might want to spend it on a new MacBook Pro at the end of this month.